Amazon Rainforest Webquest

This is the launch page for the resources featured in my webquest, which explores the influence of human and geographical interactions on a habitat, specifically the Amazon Rainforest. In this webquest, students will explore the basic components of life in the Amazon as one of the following characters: Anthropologist, Zoologist, Botanist, Meteorologist, and Explorer. The websites chosen for this activity model elements mentioned in Kathy Schrock’s ABC’s of Website Evaluation, including attention to recent dates, navigability, and verifiability. Afterwards, they will be asked to construct a survival journal, 2 pages per group member, using the graphic design tool canva. Please enjoy browsing the various aspects of this webquest.

Click here to view teacher’s page with full explanation of the process and standards met by completing this webquest.

Click here it view the student’s page complete with the rubric, student handouts, and resources list used to create the webquest.