Flipped Classroom: Dream Classroom and Photo Presentation

For this assignment, I used the flipped classroom model to teach prepositions of location and classroom objects vocabulary. At home the night before class, students will explore Quizlet’s resources and a YouTube video to prepare students with a general knowledge of the content. Afterwards, students will come to class, ready to apply the content they learned at home, saving valuable class time and providing students the extra resource of the teacher while trying to complete higher level application/creation tasks. Students will need to have access to a computer in order to access the activities at home, however those students without the proper resources will be able to check out these devices from the school. Specifically, students will be drawing and labeling their dream classrooms and working in groups to create a photo presentation (featuring pictures they took in class) featuring the prepositions of location.

Here are links to the Quizlet pages to be reviewed, practiced, and quizzed before class:
Classroom Vocabulary
Prepositions of Location

Here is a link to a YouTube video reviewing Prepositions of Location and how they can be applied in complete sentences.
Prepositions of Location in Context

Here is the lesson plan for this activity:
Skill-building activity Flipped Classroom

Here are the student instructions/checklist for this activity:
Skill building Activity- Flipped Classroom