Social Media

On this page I will discuss the social media tools that I choose to explore and explain how they will contribute to the success of my students in addition to developing myself as an educator.

My e-Portfolio: WordPress UMW Domain
(seeing as to how you made it to my page) I have selected to use my domain created at the University of Mary Washington to share my progress throughout my pedagogical development. Both my research and resumé are available on this site. Why did I choose this platform? I have a good amount of experience using Word Press and truly believe that my comfort with this program will help me to develop my site in ways that I would simply be unable if I was using a brand new webspace. I think details such as the social media widgets embedded in the footer of the site really help to provide a user-friendly and also professional touch.

Social Bookmarking: Pinterest
Choosing Pinterest for my bookmarking reflected a lot of the same motives for choosing my UMWDomain: I’m familiar with the site and already have an account. As an added benefit, Pinterest is a very popular Social Media site, and I feel that becoming even more accustomed to how it works could provide the opportunity to create lessons centered around creating boards to represent a concept studied in class. A fun, relevant way to engage students in their learning.